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Residential Living Wall Projects: bringing nature to you, whether you dream of expansive gardens or a cozy green view from your kitchen window.

Important Factors To Consider:

01. Condo vs. Single Family Home

When considering installations in condos versus single-family homes, it's crucial to consult with the Condo Association regarding exterior installations on terraces and balconies. Typically, for smaller exterior residential condo installations like balconies, a free-standing modular system with built-in irrigation is recommended. This system collects and recycles water through an internal closed-loop irrigation system.

For interior residential applications where there's no direct access to a water source or drainage, a closed-loop irrigation system is the optimal solution. In cases where a direct water source is available, an open-loop application is recommended. Any residual water is collected into a drip tray for proper drainage.

Single-family homes generally offer more flexibility and fewer restrictions for a wide range of living wall applications.

03. Sun Exposure

Direct sun exposure, such as West and South can limit plant choices, making sun-tolerant species preferable.

04. Wind Exposure 

Assessing the wind conditions at a potential living wall location is critical for two main reasons. High floors, particularly those with waterfront balconies or terraces, may pose challenges due to the unpredictable forces of nature and airborne salty particles. These factors can affect the upkeep and maintenance of the living wall.

05. Turnkey Installation

A turnkey installation provides a meticulously crafted living wall in a full cover state. With monthly maintenance services, most tropical species typically thrive within the vertical garden medium for at least 12 months. Top-performing tropical species can maintain their lush foliage for years to come without needing replacements.  Our record is 11 years.

02. Interior Lighting

For most interior projects, special lighting is recommended to ensure healthy plant growth. 

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