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Commercial Living Wall Projects:

creating sustainable urban ecosystems, connecting businesses with nature—from airports to condominium lobbies, from restaurants to retail spaces, and from educational facilities to public park venues.

Important Factors To Consider:

01. Initial Proposal 

Our collaboration with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and general contractors begins with a comprehensive proposal that is simply based on the following input:

  • Dimensions: Width x Height

  • Location: Interior vs. Exterior application

02. Potential Additional Costs

Additional costs may include:

  • Lighting to ensure optimal plant growth, determined by on-site light tests, especially for interior installations.

  • Specific decorative living wall framing, typically within the scope of millwork depending on design concepts and finishing materials.

  • Plumbing and electrical labor, usually managed by contracted specialists based on living wall specifications.

  • Rental of special installation equipment, such as lifts, if not available on site and based on installation timing requirements.

  • Additional insurance as per specific requirements.

  • Parking fees.

03. Lead Time

Lead times vary depending on the scope of work, with a minimum lead time of 6 weeks.

04. Turnkey Installation

A turnkey installation provides a meticulously crafted living wall in a full cover state. With monthly maintenance services, most tropical species typically thrive within the vertical garden medium for at least 12 months. Top-performing tropical species can maintain their lush foliage for years to come without needing replacements. Our record is 11 years.

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