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Automated Hydroponic Living Walls with

Remote Irrigation Monitoring

Living columns is a unique statement in contemporary architecture

Miami Vertical Garden Miami Living Walls
Miami Vertical Garden Miami Living Walls

Product Specifications

Miami Vertical Garden / Living Columns
Miami Vertical Garden Miami Living Walls

The “VerDtical®” Pocket-based Sphagnum Moss system is the ultimate living wall solution for both exterior and interior projects.  This is a perfect cost-effective option for large scale installations.


The felt pockets with natural sphagnum moss are used as a planting medium.  The plants are inserted into the pockets with minimum soil, the plant roots are being wrapped with sphagnum moss.  The sphagnum moss is a natural, none-rotting, non-decaying medium which serves as sponge absorbing and retaining moisture for sustainable plant growth.  With the properly calibrated automatic sweat irrigation system the water quickly soaks into the sphagnum filling, creating a saturated environment for the plants to live and develop.


In order to execute the client’s vision of living columns:

  • Sections of the PVC cylinder serve as a foundation for the living wall medium.  The cylinders cover the existing structural columns.  They are anchored on the bottom and attached to the ceiling.

  • The pocket-based felt living wall system is attached over the cylinders.  Each pocket holds the plant of 4”- 6” pot size in the checkers layout to create even distribution and ensure full plant coverage for the complete beautiful look.

  • The plant selection is done in accordance with color theme preference and location specifications such as the amount of natural light, sun orientation, water quality.

  • The irrigation system is a fully automated sweat irrigation type.

  • The initial living wall proposal is based on the maximum coverage by the standard size panels.  Each Panel is 8'3" H x 3'3" W.  Alternative framing options as well as the plant growth have to be taken into account when projecting the future look.

  • Even though the selection of the irrigation system type depends on technical specifications of the project initial estimate is based on the assumption that the living wall is directly connected to the water source and drainage without an additional water tank. 


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