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Automated Self-Contained Living

Displays & Dividers

When the design objective is to integrate nature into open spaces, in residential as well as commercial public places

single-sided or double-sided Mobile Displays with built-in recycling irrigation is the best solution.

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Product Specifications

Miami Vertical Garden / Living Walls

The “EcoWall®” Hydroponic panel is the building block of our living wall system.


The product’s premium modular nature with layers of hydroponic foam and sponge allows panels to fasten together to create a seamless tapestry of planting medium.  The state-of-the-art design includes a self-automated irrigation system with internal drip irrigation to ensure adequate water and low plant maintenance. EcoWall, Modular Hydroponic Living Wall Panel allows ensuring:

  • Stunning Design

  • Sustainable Growth Medium

  • Wall Mounting Brackets

  • Built-in Irrigation System

  • Fully grown and installed on site plant material


  • The plant selection is done in accordance with the color theme and location specifications such as the amount of natural light, sun orientation, water quality.  We recommend using plant material of 4" size pots.  Each panel contains 64 plants: 8 rows by 8 plants.

  • The size of a standard living wall panel is 3' H x 3' W.  The saturated weight of the planted system panel is12 LBS / SF.

  • This proposal is the preliminary estimate for the design and installation of the fully operational living panel-based wall system with plants and a complete irrigation system.

  • The panel-based system is fully transferable and can be reinstalled in a different location.

  • The initial living wall proposal is based on the maximum coverage by the standard size panels.  Each Panel is 3' H x 3' W.  Customization is possible to cover the entire space and will result in an average of 20% increase in the estimate.  Alternative framing options, as well as the plant growth, have to be taken into account when projecting the future look.

  • Even though a selection of the irrigation system type depends on technical specifications of the project initial estimate is based on the assumption that the living wall is directly connected to the water source and drainage without an additional water tank. 

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Ket Biscane House 12 04-12-16
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Walls to Inspire

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