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Living Frames

We consult on a spectrum of living wall applications and

provide solutions to meet your space criteria and budget 

Miami Vertical Garden / Living Frames

Product Specifications


The “VerDtical®” Living Sphagnum Moss Frame is the application specifically designed in response to challenges of small spaces and limited access to irrigation automation.  Sphagnum Moss Living Frame is the product originated in Spain.  It is a metal frame with the sphagnum moss filling which is a natural medium to sustain plant growth.

Miami Vertical Garden / Living Frames
Miami Vertical Garden / Living Frames
Miami Vertical Garden / Living Frames

It is recommended to design a composition of frames similar to picture frames.  There are 3 living frame sizes and 5 Layouts currently available in Miami:


  1. Square: H 31”1/2 X W 31”1/2 X D 5”1/4

  2. Rectangular Large (Horizontal and Vertical Layout): H 47”1/4 X W 31”1/2 X D 5”1/4

  3. Rectangular Small (Horizontal and Vertical Layout): H 47”1/4 X W 15”3/4 X D 5”1/4


The pricing is based on turn-key product with plants.

Spray paint of the frame into the color of choice is available at extra cost


Miami Vertical Garden offers maintenance program if the client wishes to take care of the living frames on his ow the following recommendations will apply. 


There is no irrigation automation within the frame compare to our hydroponic living wall system which is fully automated. It is client’s responsibility to water the living frame system once a week (the frequency may require adjustment based on specific location).  The water is added to the tray on top of the frame and quickly soaks into the filling, creating a saturated environment for the plants to live and develop.


On average every 3 months, the plants may require partial replacement.  The installation requires some form of light; the plants are not expected to perform in the enclosed dark spaces. The plant selection depends on the lighting.

The corporate office of Branded Generation LLC is located in Miami, Florida USA

and we service clients around the world

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