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Each Project is the Ever-Evolving Living Art Statement 

We design, install and maintain a spectrum of living wall applications and systems

providing solutions to meet your space criteria and budget.  The Art and Science of the inspiring living wall  


Site Analysis

Irrigation Set-up and Lighting decisions are made


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Installation of Hardware and Irrigation Set-up


Sun exposure, plant selection decisions

Sun exposure, additional lighting for interior installations decisions


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Hydroponic Panel Installation on Site


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Preplanting ensures 100% success rate, minimizes work on site


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Monthly Maintenance is recommended frequency


Variety of plants from annual to perennial can be considered for Living Wall / Vertical Garden Applications, however, considering the ultimate goal of the green wall maintenance being minimum plant replacing rates initial plant selection is one of the key success factors. 


Trough years of experiments in our nursery we have perfected our Design Procedure our Artistic Pallet of Top performing species based on requirements of the location.  We also are good listeners and take into account the client's overall vision and individual taste and preferences in our designs.  In order to get the client's input, the client is asked to complete the Living Wall Design Questionnaire.


Below is the general gallery of the top performing plants for living wall applications.  Such criteria as shade / partial shade/sun exposure, water consumption, development of foliage over time are considered during the design process.



Walls to Inspire