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Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

Whether you are an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, an owner of a luxury property or just a passerby, and you have seen some green walls, in person or from images, perhaps from books, internet or architect’s renderings, you may ask yourself: Is it real? How is it made? What makes it a success?

In July 2013, Irina Kim Sang and business partner Victor Franco, with over 12 years experience, launched Miami Vertical Garden Inc., a Miami-based company specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor, fully transferrable, clean, hydroponic, panel-based living walls with built-in irrigation systems. They provide their product and services to a variety of hotel, restaurant, retail, educational, hospital, mixed use, public, and commercial communities as well as custom residential indoor and outdoor projects. The brand is tailored to each client's need and offers the most advanced, environmentally friendly, and sustainable green feature. The benefits of Living Walls include:

• Reduce urban heat island effect

• Enhance building authentic function

• Air cleaning

• Increase building thermal performance

• Noise insulation

• Protect building façade

• Increase property value

• Enhance human health and well being

Living Walls are a trend now and for the future based on sophisticated technology. Vertical greenery is a delicate balance of form and function, pragmatism and imagination, nature and technology, biology and chemistry, precision and free-growth. Miami Vertical Garden Inc. is dealing with living organisms and that means that a successful living wall requires four key elements: the growing medium, monitored and automated unique invisible irrigation, appropriate plant selection for specific kind of exposure, and proper maintenance.

Designers of green walls can work at a great range of scales, from the creation of small private space interactions like intimate garden settings, to the monumental scale of a multistory project. Specific benefits can include security, privacy screening, shade, biodiversity, habitat and even urban agriculture. These design specific benefits are not mutually exclusive.

As a team Irina and Victor are passionate about the combination of art and technology which evolves naturally over time. Their mission is to design, install and maintain living art projects that inspire. They believe that “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” and “We could not have imagined a better place than Miami to implement our mission.” - Irina Kim Sang and Victor Franco, Founders of Miami Vertical Garden Inc.

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