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Private Living Wall Benefits

  • Increase Building Thermal Performance

A significant benefit of green walls is the potential for reducing building heating and cooling requirements.

  • Noise Insulation

The growing media in living wall systems will contribute to a reduction of sound levels that transmit through or reflect from the living wall system.

  • Protect building facade

Protects exterior finishes from UV radiation, the elements, and temperature fluctuations that wear down materials.

  • Increase Property Value

Building owners and developers all around the world are now increasingly installing green walls to add a point of difference, increase commercial returns, provide visual appeal and turn a building or site into a local landmark.

  • Enhance Human Health and Well-being

Plants are known to have positive effects on the psychological and physiological health of individuals. Results of multiple studies have demonstrated that when inside buildings, people prefer to have visual connection with the external vegetation outside windows, which creates positive emotions. Additionally, the air filtering and oxygenating abilities of plants can greatly benefit people. Skillful use of vegetation in greed facades and living walls can augment the presence of nature in buildings and can visually enhance the urban environment.

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