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KYU Miami Wynwood Living Wall, Vertical Garden


A number of studies have shown that plants in the workplace reduce sick days and increase productivity, and everyone knows the greenery always make a home more inviting. Aside from being pleasant to look at, plants fill our rooms with fresh oxygen. Also, greenery symbolizes food, health and life, which we feel deep in our subconscious. Since most of us work and live in urban areas and we spend a cast majority of our time indoors, barren interiors can be softened and reinvigorated by the feeling of abundance offered by plants.


Walls provide an exciting new platform to fill with plants. The creative possibilities are endless. You can create a variety of illusions and effects such as glimpsing a jungle, enjoying the views of cliff side lush with foliage, or a sitting near a formal classical garden. And that feeling of freshness is not just a pleasant sensation. In fact, it can be measured. Plants not only transform carbon to oxygen but clean the air from toxins. WE are missing the opportunity of benefiting from this ancient symbiosis to improve our modern world by keeping thriving and healthy.


Inside and out the living walls filled with plants give opportunity to create complex and bio-diverse oasis especially in the most densely populated areas where traditional landscaping simply does not have footprint.

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