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Classification of Green Walls - PART 2


2. Living Walls

Living wall systems are composed of pre-vegetated panels, vertical modules or planted blankets that are fixed vertically to a structure wall or frame. These panels can be made of plastic, expanded polystyrene, synthetic fabric, clay, metal and support a great diversity and density o plant species (e.g. a lush mixture of groundcovers, ferns, low shrubs, perennial flowers ad edible plants).

Due to the diversity and density of plant life, living walls typically require more intense maintenance (e.g. a supply of nutrients to fertilize the plants) than green facades. There are variable living wall techniques for interior and exterior applications. They also differ in terms of their initial installation costs, plant replacement rates and sustainability over time.

2.1. Modular Living Wall

A modular living wall system emerged in part from the use of modules for green roof applications, with a number of technological innovations. Modular systems consist of square or rectangular panels that hold growing media to support plant material. Most of the nutrient requirements for the plants can be found in the growing media within the modules.

2.2. Vegetated Mat Wall

2.3. Hanging Pocket Living Walls

2.4. Landscape Wall

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